11 Years in IoT Business, Imani Prima to Begin the Trial of Connected Vehicle System

To answer the increasing needs of data integration for realizing smart mobility in the transportation sector, PT Imani Prima to begin the trial of the connected vehicle system which is also a multi-function edge computing platform fit for all types of vehicles. ———————————- Trust Me IoT is Simple!

In the past five years, PT Imani Prima keeps strengthening its business in marine and land transportation, as well as the energy conservation industrial sectors. The company comes up with the monitoring data acquisition, data telecommunication, and data processing as its key features to meet the needs in these sectors, both for the private and governmental parties.

The implementation of IoT for vehicles is facing challenges because many variables to be considered including connection availability, environmental condition, shocks, and room temperature.

After dealing with many obstacles and challenges, since last year, the company has been conducting surveys and Focus Group Discussion to dig out what features the transport users’ need for their vehicles. Then, based on this profiling, the company develops a cutting-edge connected vehicle application; accommodating the basic automotive customer’s demands relating to safety, security, predictive maintenance, user experience, and insight.

Feri Widiasmara, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of PT Imani Prima explained the company’s recent innovation: “What we are testing now is Monstrack Edge, an edge-computing platform that allows a complex computation on IoT device, so it can be used for multiple purposes, from the safety matters to the entertainment intention.” This new platform can simplify the integration and data processing of various sensors, thanks to Imani Prima’s eleven years of experiences in providing end-to-end solutions. The system that currently being tested on some types of vehicle has multiple values for its users; for instance, the automotive manufacturers can use the data to manage its assets, inventories (such as spare part availability), even to track the product failure and to create more sophisticated and innovative products.

It allows the driver/user to set the scheduled maintenance or to find the nearest car repair shop whenever mechanical interference occurs and ensures the safety of, for example, family members when they choose to use personal driver service for their driving trip.

“In the future, this platform will be equipped with some basic applications such as tracking and telemetry data for sensor data acquisition. We also set up the supported applications such as connectivity handling and configuration,” added Feri.

Furthermore, by developing this remarkable connected vehicle platform whose services and primary applications are suitable for multiple business field, the company keeps trying to actualize the real values for its multi-sectoral clients.

Based on its knowledge and expertise in implementing IoT for various needs convinced the company to choose a tag-line “Trust Me IoT is Simple” as the embodiment of vision and its participation in IoT Business Platform to be held on August 28 and 29, 2018 at Ritz Carlton, Jakarta.

A Long Experience

As an end-to-end solutions provider, Imani Prima has good, long experiences in data processing that other companies do not have. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PT Imani Prima, Takwa Fuadi, believes the company is ready to support the emerging Indonesian government program to boost the industry 4.0 which so-called Making Indonesia 4.0.

“Since the beginning, we focus on smart mobility in every aspect. Thus, we mostly implement IoT solution for mobile assets, starting from ships, heavy equipment, and so on. We handle everything related to GPS and satellite as well as its data processing complexity,” said Takwa.

For the record, IoT business in the Asia Pacific will be proliferating by 2020. The International Data Corporation (IDC) mentioned that more than 8.6 billion devices would be connected; soaring up the market growth to US$583 billion.

Through Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap, the government believes that the implementation of industry 4.0 in Indonesia would contribute 10% of GDP from the export volume. For information, in 2017 the sector added 74.10% to Indonesia’s export structure, up 13.14% to US$125.02 billion.

About the Company

PT Imani Prima is an IoT company established in 2006 and is the global and national front liner in monitoring and tracking services for heavy equipment and ships. In 2009, Imani Prima officially gained the license as the telecommunication service provider from Indonesia Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Currently, as Southeast Asia’s largest M2M provider, Imani Prima has more than 30 thousand subscribers for heavy equipment, ten of millions of vessel traffics in 59 port spots in Indonesia.

Imani Prima is also the Country Representative of ORBCOMM, the US-based leading global provider of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication solutions. For more information, visit the Imani Prima website at https://imaniprima.co.id/.

In 2016, through its AISSAT Port Management Prime application that record the data near real time, the company developed the app for berth processing, piloting, towage, and freshwater services which gives precise business planning of Pelindo III. At the same year, the company has also remapping 660 positions of stations owned by PT Kereta Api Indonesia that located in Java and Sumatra islands. Addition, Imani Prima’s Monstrack Train has successfully monitored train movement through GSM/GPRS networks and displayed it in the digital map. Currently, the latest 4G-Monstrack Train is being tested with more features included.

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