What is Monstrack?

Monstrack is a system that enable you to monitor your trucks and heavy equipment remotely. It is not only to monitor the position, but also the status of the engine, as well as its productivity. The system is supported by ORBCOMM Satellite, which is already proven in Machine-to-Machine communication, with more than 550.000 subscribers in the world.

Why Monstrack ?

Facing nowadays situation, information become the key success factor. That is why Monstrack is designed and developed as the solution to provide information, improving efficiencies, optimizing effectiveness of the vehicle, then in turn to ensure your success.

Combining a variety of sophisticated technology, Monstrack makes it possible to report:

  • Vehicle position, to ensure that the vehicles work on the right place
  • Machine status, to ensure that the vehicles are always in excellent condition
  • Productivity, to ensure that the work of the vehicles are optimum
  • Alerts, if there is something undesirable or unusual happens.

Where is your vehicle’s position?

Monstrack is able to inform the position of your vehicle by utilizing GPS technology. By knowing the exact position, the supply, or support for your vehicle will arrive to the site efficiently. Monstrack can also alert you when the vehicle is out of the defined area.

Monstrack helps you to look over the health of your vehicle. Monstrack will provide you with engine status, caution alerts, and also abnormality codes. You will be able to set up the periodic maintenance plan based on this information. Even, this information also can be used to identify the required parts for the maintenance before the mechanic travels to the site. It will significantly reduce your cost of transportation, maintenance work and downtime.

How Does Monstrack Work ?

  1. GPS Satelite provide position information to the equipment at the field.
  2. The Monstrack controller in your vehicle gathers engine data and position, then send this information trough the GSM or ORBCOMM Network.
  3. a. GSM Network passes the information to monstrack data center.
    b. ORBCOMM satelite transmit the information to monstrack data center.
  4. Monstrack Data Center in Jakarta stores and process the data You can access the information gathered from your vehicle directly via internet.