Empowering the Port Authorities Compliance Control

AISSAT PM Prime is basically a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) – a marine traffic monitoring system for harbour/port authorities, in order to support their vessel services operation. This system was designed based on our vast experience in dealing with Automatic Identification System (AIS) technology since 2010.

Dependable Precision and Accuracy

High precision in tracking the movement of vessels, starts from the vessel enters the anchorage area until it leaves the port to sail. Vessels will be able to know who from the port operator will be assigned to pilot the vessel in and his exact position. Vessels will be able to know which tugboat will tow the vessel in/out, and its exact position.

Easily integrates with any AIS-based data received from the satellite or from the port. Widely open for integration with the other running systems surrounding port operation, such as port billing system, host to host banking services, terminal operating system, and more.

How Aissat Work

  1. Tracking Monitoring system which made reference to applicable standard (IMO; Solas Chapter V Reg 19.1 LRIT, Etc)
  2. Data Tracking is sent realtime using satellite with worldwide coverage
  3. Monitoring parameters are vessel identify, time stamp, position, speed, course/heading, distance
  4. Alarm inside/outside of geofencing area implementation
  5. No blank spot in anytime and anywhere


Resources Planning & Business Automation

Ports will be able to plan services to be required by an arriving vessel before it arrives. Anchoring, piloting, ship holding, water supplying, etc. The officer on duty could also be scheduled, as well as the exact estimation of arrival.

Pre-meeting automation between the Port Authority, Port Operator, and Ship Agent save your time significantly because the system arrange it for you. Automatically generate billing for all your vessel services.