Finance & Banking

Armundia Action Shaper

Armundia Action Shaper is intended for “Retail” and “Private”
banks strongly oriented to multi-channel marketing with the need
of support a flexible and dynamic sales model.

  • Direct Marketing, Integration with Contact Center channel (inbound, outbound), SMS, mailing and e-mailing functions
  • Smart Customer clustering functions by a visual tool define Customer segmenis and Actions target
  • Powerful rules.engine to define products in line with Customer profiles
  • Campaign management Engine
  • Control and management of sales force team

Armundia Wealth Shaper

Armundia Wealth Shaper is the software solution for the
private banker and the financial consultant, designed to support all advisory needs in wealth management.

  • Performing all steps in advice workflow
  • Portfolio analysis , risk profile check, scenario analysis, and Costumer comparison
  • Portfolio models, asset allocation, auto optimazation fiction, tracking of proposal, and performance comparison
  • Powerful analysis of costumer needs