IoT in Indonesia, to be a King in its Realm

For eleven years dealing with and walking alone in IoT business, now IoT to become the next big.


The recent Asia IoT Business Platform exhibition held on August 28-29, 2018 left me a different impression as I felt a strong spirit and vibes spread out the air during the event this year. Imani Prima has participated in this event for four times, as the speaker and exhibitor in Jakarta and Taiwan.

Back to 7-10 years ago, when the term “Internet of Things” did not exist yet, we started the business and looking for the domestic partners to collaborate and develop the IoT implementation together, but rarely, even none that willing to get involved. It might be because providing the end-to-end solution means that you need limitless capability and expertise, from sensor and hardware, connectivity, platform, up to the application and analytic.

Therefore, we tried another option. We keep improving our technology from sensor integration, hardware development including PCB design and other electronic components and then moved to the connectivity. All alone.

From scratch, we have also been developing middleware platform to manage millions transaction per day by ourselves. It needs more efforts and consumes lots of energy to create three generation of the application within several years. Indeed, hard work would never betray you, it only pays. We finally reached the highest level in managing more than millions of data each day with lower hardware specification from laptops. Then, we successfully provided our users with not only the data but also the larger scale of data analytics which add more values to those collected data.

Get Ready to Welcome “The Next Big Thing”

Lastly, it is delighted to see how every party now more familiar with the Internet of Things. The domestic talents are increasingly growing and start to get involved in this emerging trend. The government already prepared the roadmap to promote the application of IoT and drive it to become the next big thing. Indonesia has a great opportunity and potential to adopt IoT, and our company has the same chance, too. We should be optimistic and convinced that we can be the king in our realm. Hopefully.

Yuli Cahyono

Chief Operational Officer

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