Imani Prima Will Attend Asian IoT Business Platform

PT Imani Prima, Indonesia’s leading IT and Telecommunication service provider, for the first time will surely participate at Asian IoT Business Platform taking place in Jakarta this year. M2M and middleware are the featuring services Imani Prima will present at the outstanding event.

PT Imani Prima’s involvement in Asian IoT Business Platform taking place on August 25th to 26th 2015 is not only the form of participation since it specifically wants to confirm its existence as one of Indonesia’s IT and Telecommunication solution pioneer providers, especially in M2M service. At its age of nine, this company intends to be known better in regional level. Asian IoT Business Platform is deemed appropriate for the purpose since the event is attended by 314 outstanding companies on telecommunication or banking field in Southeast Asian region.

“We hope our attendance in Asian IoT Business Platform will be a good start for us to significantly synergize with various parties,” Yuli Cahyono, PT Imani Prima Chief Operating Officer, said on Wednesday (8/18).

At the occasion, Yuli said, visitors or business partner candidates can visit Imani Prima’s booth at the event. Not only can they get product information, the booth will give detailed explanation to visitors and simulation for each of Imani Prima’s featuring product.

“We have strength in M2M technology, especially middleware. Middleware becomes an inseparable element of this business even though it cannot be seen by naked eyes. We have conducted comprehensive researches for middleware so we generate an innovation which can handle million transactions in minimum investment. Under the brand “MIP Platform”, our middleware system was designed to handle million transactions in telecommunication industry and to be used in other sectors, for example banking. This business is really prospective in the future so it opens great collaboration opportunities,” Yuli added.

The material which will be presented in one of ASEAN’s famous events is expected to be a sustainable start for Imani Prima since it not only educates people about an excellent innovation conducted domestically, but also expands business networks with strategic partners.

Imani Prima has made some innovations in telecommunication and information technology field to serve inter-industrial business partners. Imani Prima is Orbcomm Inc.’s country representative in Indonesia which, in 2009, officially obtained Telecommunication Service Operational Permit from Ministry of Communication and Information.

Related to its position Orbcomm’s country representative in Indonesia, PT Imani Prima handles all company services located at Rochelle Park, United States for the needs of its partners in Indonesia.

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