Imani Prima, Armundia Improve Technology Service for Indonesian Financial Sector

PT Imani Prima as Indonesia’s leading technology provider has announced its strategic cooperation with Armundia. The cooperation is an important moment to serve potential partners in Indonesia, especially overall financial industry.

CEO of PT Imani Prima, Takwa Fuadi, explained the importance of the collaboration since Indonesian financial sector grows dynamically, not only in terms of amount but also type. Citing Financial Service Authority (OJK)’s data, until 2014, Indonesia has 52 life insurance companies, 82 general insurance companies, 2 social vinsurance companies, 3 vcompulsory insurance companies, 1999 multi-finance companies, and 119 banks.

“Indonesian financial sector development must be supported by technology applications which can reach banking, insurance, and multifinance elements,” Takwa said.


So far, Imani Prima has been involved in the implementation and development of infrastructure or application in information technology and telecommunication fields. Currently, the latest product Imani Prima develops which has been used for two years to support financial sector is MIP Integration Platform. Its usage in financial sector will really assist related institutions to handle various transactions and great amount of data exchange.

“MIP Integration Platform we own is designed to handle 26 million transactions every day so it is really strategic to support the performance of financial sector,” Takwa said.

Moreover, MIP Integration Platform’s performance is very efficient in terms of investment since it was created with minimum infrastructure.

Regarding application solution in financial field, Imani Prima, possessing strengths from technology innovation, selects Armundia to cooperate in serving strategic partners in financial industry. Armundia group, an Italy-based international company, has focused on the development of software solutions since long time ago including the experience in serving financial sector.

Currently, Armundia has representatives in Rome, Milan, and Florence. The company having international clients in 15 countries of Europe is well-known among European financial sector with its featuring products such as Customer Relationship Management, Wealth Management, and Portfolio Management.

Moreover, Armundia has long experience in developing customization in financial sector especially to its strategic European partners. Imani Prima, according to Takwa Fuadi, really needs Armundia’s experience in this collaboration. The dynamic development of banking, insurance, and multi-finance institutions in Indonesia really needs customization, especially related to specific services from each institution.

“Therefore, we are optimistic the long-term cooperation with Armunndia will be really prospective. Imani Prima will also participate in implementation, system customization, and maintenance processes which will be offered to Indonesian clients,” Takwa noted.

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